Sam Zormati

In 2004, Sam Zormati invented and launched the patented Globekash remote card reloading system in Los Angeles. Now available in over 136 countries, Sam Zormati’s technology is used in a multitude of payment terminals as well as by various cards including Visa and Mastercard, Patent Link filed .

Sam Zormati is the owner of GoKash, a payments company offering prepaid card solutions sponsored by banks and co-branded with Visa or MasterCard. GoKash offers clients a comprehensive prepaid card management platform which supports payroll, GPR (General Purpose Reloadable), promotional programs or any card program scheme imaginable; it’s that flexible!

Sam Zormati’s latest venture through GoKash is the AKON Visa®. GoKash has worldwide exclusive rights to the GoKash AKON Visa® Prepaid Card and owns its own “bank relationship platform” offering technology and services that is crucial to having a viable and compliant prepaid program. The platform facilitates a stronger partnership between ISO’s (Independent Sales Organizations), banks that sponsor the programs, including Visa® or MasterCard® that provide the POS and ATM networks.  GoKash is an ISO registered in the CEMEA (Central Europe/Middle East/ Africa) region.


Sam Zormati is also the owner of, an easy to use and secure payment system. With a Proteller wallet, users are able to send and receive money, store cards, link bank accounts and pay conveniently anytime and anywhere, all they need to sign up is a an email.

K-Energie, currently known as MPower Plant, is a world leader in developing and manufacturing energy solutions for power generation, transportation, and mechanical-drive applications. MPower Plant is committed to providing high-quality solutions for the distributed energy market that increase energy productivity, energy reliability, and operational savings for our customers. Sam Zormati launched the company in 2015 in hopes of helping the Guinean President, Alpha Condé,  supply electricity to all Guineans. In doing so, Zormati successfully encouraged other investors to follow suit.

Today, MPower Plant has leveraged the advanced technology of proven aircraft engines and uniquely applied it to complex power system solutions to become a leader in power generation. MPower Plant has a vast array of product lines and services, including industrial gas turbine engines, aftermarket services and repairs.