6 Things Shaping the Casino Industry's Future - Sam ZormatiThe gaming landscape brings a significant impact on the development of casinos. There have been tremendous changes in the casino industry over the past few years. In the future, we expect to get improvements in slot machines as well as casino floors. Young casino-goers prefer new games as opposed to traditional ones. Read on to see developments that are shaping the future of the casino industry.

New Skill-Based Casino Gaming

Skilled-based games are appearing in different locations around the world on casino floors. Despite a slow start, there is increasing interest in the games. The International Gaming Institute indicates that the shift is due to the coming together of gambling and video games. For example, Konami launched a game that requires the player to match squares to the beat of the music.


Esports are video games where people compete for money. The events take place in a conference room, an arena or a ballroom. Esports attract thousands of players, and the casino operators love the fact that there are billions of dollars that the industry can gain from the competitions.

Customers Come Frequently and Spend Less

There is a tremendous growth in the gaming market. Gamers get attracted to new games introduced into the casino industry every year. 3-4 competitors can share discretionary income leading to the regionalization of the shared-wallet effect. Despite looming supply in the majority of the markets, occupancy has been higher than before.


Many casinos are developing strategies to coordinate reward discounts to increase the gamer’s public cash rate. Although many casinos undermine the value of guest rooms, there should be loyalty rates for guests. The rewards should be things that matter. Loyal and satisfied guests will market your brand to other sources.

Treating Customers Intelligently

Specific customers spend a lot of their budgeted discretion income. Finding out what makes them happy encourages them to keep coming to the casinos regularly. For example, some casino owners offer dinner and hotel rooms to their loyal customers.

Social Gaming

Almost everyone goes with a phone to the casino. The gaming floor is evolving significantly to allow the younger generation to enjoy social gaming. There are reserved booths and shuffleboard tables where groups can hang out. This environment attracts more customers to play on a social level.

The future of the casino’s industry will keep changing. The mentioned concepts might work for some casinos, but not all. There will be a rise in technological advancements that we do not even know about in the coming years. However, there will always be offers that will suit different gamers.