Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly crept its way into our daily lives. In many industries, AI is almost exclusively for producing a product. Now, AI has begun to make itself useful in the hospitality industry.

Hotel owners are finding that they have the opportunity for significant savings in terms of money by using AI in their chains. This change eliminates any potential human error and can provide excellent service. Since customer service is an essential part of the hospitality industry, hotels often find success or failure based on how they treat their customers. Using AI in these roles can only help improve customer service. Since AI is data driven, it can offer personalized options for clients and tailored recommendations.

A challenge that most hotels face is responding to their guests’ questions quickly and efficiently. Employing AI in this role presents the chance to improve upon response time and accuracy of information. This only helps AI learn and adapt to customer interactions the further it’s used.

Front-facing customer service is one of the biggest areas that AI has been introduced into. This technology has shown to be best used in regards to direct messaging and online chat services where simple questions or requests can be answered. These AI chatbots can be used on social media platforms so that customers can ask questions and get almost instant responses 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This type of customer support and interaction is vital to hotels because it lessens the wait time for response of that of a human-to-human interaction.

AI is also being used in data analysis for the hospitality industry. Through this, AI is used to efficiently sort through large amounts of data and create conclusions about current customers or future customers. The Dorchester Collection hotel chain used the Metis AI platform and were able to sort through data collected by surveys, online reviews, and more to then analyze and create conclusions about their overall performance.

AI technology will continue to become more and more prevalent in industries globally as it’s proven itself to be useful to fostering better customer service relationships and even providing an outlet for future customers to look at data before making their decisions.